Asthma Symptoms and Treatments

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Asthma affects over 7% of Americans, and is the reason for thousands if not millions of visits to hospitals each year. This figure has been increasing year on year and does not look like slowing in the near future. Asthma is a very common inflammatory disease that can affect people of all ages. It affects the sufferers ability to breathe normally and can cause chest tightness, breathlessness and whhezing and coughing, in more serious cases it can actually trigger asthma attacks that can be dangerous to the sufferer.

When the bronchial passageways are inflamed there is less room for air to flow and you then have trouble breathing naturally. In people that suffer from Asthma, the airways can be sensitive and irritable, whereby even the smallest trigger can cause the airways to react and the onset of symptoms will start. Triggers can vary, but the most common are animal hair, dust/smoke and pollen.

Genetics have been associated to causing asthma in sufferers. Although this has not been confirmed and has in fact been disputed by some studies. Separate reports have reported links between 25 genes and asthma, the majority of which are associated to the immune system or inflammation control.

Environmental and health factors are thought to be the cause of most symptoms. Different combinations of factors will affect different people, and some people will be at risk more than others from different causes. Any of the following factors can cause asthma sufferers to experience symptoms:-

Colds and Flu
Changes in Weather conditions
Allergens (pets, dust and pollen)
Allergies from foods such as nuts, eggs, milk or seafood
Smoke from cigarrettes
Additives in foods

When it comes to treating Asthma symptoms, there are many options available, from steroids and anti-inflammatory’s to inhalers and other prescriptive medications. A nebulizer might be prescribed by your doctor or physician if symptoms are more serious. Another option is a homeopathic remedy that is completely natural. It’s called Respitrol and can be a real benefit for sufferers alongside their prescribed medication.

This is a machine that will allow the prescribed medications that are normally taken through an inhaler or as a liquid to be inhaled using a mask after they are converted to a mist for quick and easy absorption. This method is extremely helpful for elderly and children who may have difficulties with other methods of treatment. Another treatment for asthma symptoms that is natural, that you may want to try if you are worried about using prescriptive drugs or steroids, is called Respitrol. It is a homeopathic treatment for asthma symptoms that has no side effects, is non-toxic and can relieve your asthma symptoms naturally.


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